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Hair transplantation is a form of medical art based on the experience and talent of the plastic surgeon. But unlike any other creator, hair transplantation is not an option to start from the beginning because the specialist plastic surgeon has only one chance to do the right thing. And, unfortunately, the hair transplant specialists are few, resulting in the many failed hair transplants that have turned and turn many years back in this field.


Dr. Pantelis Valvis :

  • Is a specialized plastic surgeon who has been working since 1995 with hair transplantation.
  • Director of Metropolitan Hospital Clinical Hair Transplant
  • Founder of the VIP Hair Clinic of Clinical Hair Transplantation
  • Founding Member of the Hellenic Hair Transplant Company
  • Member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).
  • Has thousands of hair transplants.
  • Is able to correct even old failed hair transplantation stages.
  • Knows all the new hair transplant techniques applied worldwide.


It is well-known for its absolutely natural results in hair transplantation. It has a unique, human, very polite way of communicating with people interested in hair transplantation, proposing solutions that meet personal needs with the most modern and effective hair transplant.


A successful hair transplant can change your life.

We open your way to a natural, time-stable and amazing hair transplant effect.

The hair transplant techniques applied are the most modern and ensure excellent quality hair transplants.


Dr. Valvis's Surgical Team is distinguished for its high scientific training and effectiveness. It consists of two plastic surgeons specializing in hair transplantation, dermatologist, anesthesiologists and specially trained nursing staff in the separation and placement of hair follicles with state-of-the-art stereoscopic analysis electron microscopes.


For hair transplants, he works with :

  • the Saint James Hospital of Malta
  • the Gold Medical Hair Restoration of London


Our principles are :

  • Patient Safety
  • the Guaranteed effect on hair transplantation
  • the excellent aesthetic result
  • the Physical Appearance
  • Critical use of new technology
  • the Absolute Confidentiality


Our latest worldwide innovation is the most advanced painless injection system of local anesthesia U225 in hair transplantation as well as the use of younger local anesthetics that completely neutralize intraoperative and postoperative pain.


One of the most important reasons for choosing us is our partner in the separation and placement of hair follicles, which is considered to be one of the best in the world (20 years experience in hair transplantation).


Make the first step to repairing your hair! Close your first Free Appointment with Dr.Valvi. Improving your image will improve your psychology and self-confidence by significantly improving your quality of life. Let us help you. It's something you'll never regret !!!

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