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Trichostixia is called the application of semi-permanent or biodegradable medical tattoos in the scalp resembling the shaved hair.

The application of trichostixia is done in individuals with alopecia and completely shaving head and do not desire the development in length of the hair .


In recent years this technique applied by medical specialists and technicians in Europe and America and has as main purpose to help the better appearance and uniformity for people who want to hide or camouflage the hairless area of ​​the head .

Trichostixia is applied with hypoallergenic pigments that are biodegradable and therefore absorbed by the immune system through the mechanism of phagocytosis in about two years.



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To maintain permanent effect the follow up of this technique is after one year. If the person does not wish to continue the application after two years the pigment disappears with the help of phagocytes .



- Alternative to surgery for people who for various reasons do not wish to undergo hair transplantation and choose the trichostixia to thicken or restore visually thinning area of the head.

- Additional option to achieve greater density and uniformity in placed grafts .

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Duration of Trichostixia

The duration of treatment depends on the extent of coverage , ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours .


Main Factors determining the duration

Is Endogenous or Exogenous :

1 ) Power phagocytosis : the ability of the phagocytes of the body to absorb and destroy foreign substances

2 ) Age of the person concerned : in the younger people the cellular processes of reproduction is highest . Accordingly, the pigment is absorbed faster than that in older people

3 ) Frequency Shampoo cleansing the scalp

4 ) Products used

5) Sports: those involved with swimming faster absorbed the pigment because of chlorine

6 ) Solar Radiation: continuous exposure to the sun accelerates the natural process of phagocytosis in the scalp





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