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The inexplicable loss of pubic hair can be a source of confusion and fear for someone who does not know the causes of  hair loss. Knowing some of the causes can help in finding a treatment if needed, and getting a strong diagnosis from a doctor.





Normal hair loss
Sometimes the reasons behind the loss of pubic hair are the same normal reasons for hair loss. Many men and women who suffer from baldness can also lose pubic and body hair due to genetic and hormonal conditions.

Menopause leads to a variety of changes in a woman's body. Hair loss in the pubic region is one of those changes. In addition to losing pubic hair, women who experience menopause may also lose their hair in their armpits and on their legs.

Part of aging is losing body hair and gaining wrinkles. It's a trick of nature and perfectly normal. If you are an elder and you experience loss of pubic hair, but without any other obvious symptoms, it is probably fine, but as always, checking with a doctor is the best idea.

Alopecia is a term commonly used to describe a number of hair loss conditions ranging from total hair loss spots. Many people in the world suffer from alopecia and there are a variety of surgical treatment methods available for this condition.

Adrenal gland
Sometimes an inactive adrenal gland is responsible for hair loss on the body and common areas. The adrenal gland should release the right amount of hormones for sexual and physical maturity, causing hair growth and reproductive ability. When an adrenal gland is stopped, hair loss is a result, if hair grows to everyone.

Addison's disease
It is a rare disease affecting about one to one million people around the world. It does men and women, and is a progressive disease that deceives the adrenal gland stopping the production of necessary hormones.

Some types of cancer, such as leukemia, may be responsible for the loss of pubic hair and liver cirrhosis can also cause pubic hair spots to fall. Treatment of cancer and drugs such as chemotherapy also cause hair loss on the body and common areas.

Women Are Getting Pubic Hair Transplants Now

Rather than pursuing any number of decorative pubic looks, women there are actually adding pubic hair.

According to a recent article, up to 10% of South Korean women suffer from a condition called pubic atrichosis, which results in a lack of full coverage of pubic hair.This is an ad for one spa that does the procedure (which supposedly takes only a few hours).













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