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It is a complete sentence , in which with aesthetic view and precise application , hair transplantation is close to perfection and perfectly natural result.

It is a painless, high-precision aesthetic surgery done by local anesthesia

The follicular units was extracted from three Mini or Micro Strips cuttings taken from the fixed band -growth Strips.

In recent years, Dr. Valvis applies the Trichophytic Technique to the Mini & Micro Strips, the effect of which is to grow hair inside the scars.

Remains only three small scars of only 1mm which are not visible even in a completely shaved head.

Our team is world-class and we can place up to 34 hair follicles in one square centimeter of hairless skin, equivalent to 70 to 120 hairs depending on the density. The new slot slots that are created are only 0.9mm in diameter. Up to 2,000 actual hair follicles can be grafted into a session, corresponding to 8,000-10,000 hairs.


 This method gives the highest possible density in one step.


In a session, total microtransplantation is achieved, that is, if the donor area permits it to be transplanted from 800 to 2000 hair follicles (3500-9000 hairs).

The duration of the surgery ranges from 3 to 4 hours depending on the extent of the area we want to cover and the skin's elasticity of the donor site.







Excellent results with the technique Mini & Micro Strip


Predicting the future development of hair loss is a very important parameter for a successful outcome, especially for hair transplants in young people who have not yet stabilized their hair loss.


The Mini & Micro Strips, with the help of special surgical instruments and microscopes, is divided into follicular units, with one to five hairs. They are then placed according to the needs of the receiving area. Follicular units with one hair on the front hairline and then progressively to achieve the highest naturalness and density. Always the number of hairs placed is greater than the number of follicular units.


Plastic surgeon Dr. Valvis opens 1mm diameter micropores in the area, with the help of a microtome. The finished hair follicles are placed one at a time on each micropore to a depth so that they are allowed to fit harmoniously with the skin and start feeding normally without the risk of being lost. The hair follicles are placed depending on the angle of the remaining hair.



It is very important to restore the frontal hairline. Hair follicles with one hair are slightly irregular, just like in nature and not in sequence. The result is absolutely natural!

The placement of hair follicles is as close as nature permits. Special surgical tools used in this phase allow the hair follicles to be placed very closely, achieving the greatest possible density. The result is no different from natural hair.


Scientific work on repairing poor FUE techniques with the Mini or Micro Strip technique was presented by Dr. Valvi and his colleagues at the ISHRS 25th World Congress of Hair Transplantation held in Prague from 4 to 7 October 2017.


It was the first Worldwide Mini and Micro Strip Technique to be presented exclusively by Dr Valvis and his colleagues.



Advantages - Disadvantages of Mini & Micro Strip Technique VS FUE Technique





  • It is not necessary to completely shave the donor area but only the strip to be removed is shaved
  • There is little post-operative pain in the donor area for 2 days, treated with mild analgesic treatment
  • It takes place only in one session



  • After surgery, nothing is visible in the donor area (the surure is hiding from the hair)


  • Less surgery time (3 to 4 hours)


  • Larger number of hairs in a similar number of hair follicles (1000 FUE hair follicles = 700-1200 hairs, respectively 1000 hair follicles Mini & Micro Strip = 4000-5000 bristles)


  • High-quality hair follicles with fat cover


  • Small post-operative linear scars that brighten in their hair and are not distinguishable at all due to the Tricophytic Suture
  • It is often combined with the FUE if a larger number of hair follicles is needed
  • Avoid areas above the ears that have less elasticity and create rough scars





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