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This is a technique in which the hair follicles are extracted one by one separately and implanted in the area of the head with hair thinning, ensuring a complete result in 4 to 5 stages, for extended alopecia.



 FUE Technique


 Power fue

  Power FUE Technique with a specialized mechanism for extracting the hair follicles


Dr. Valvis applies both techniques (Power FUE & Mini Micro Strip) with absolute indications and contraindications and is the only one who will guide you properly in choosing the right technique to achieve a satisfactory result.

Of course, after extensive information from Dr. Valve, the final decision belongs to the patient who chooses the technique he / she wants.

However, due to its easy application and easy bribe, even unskilled or of other specialities doctors apply FUE without the relevant experience and this produces very bad results.



 Bad results of FUE technique with scarring in the donor area by an inexperienced doctor


That is why many patients are re-entering the Mini Micro Strip technique.

Dr. Valvis, with his experienced team in achieving a satisfactory result with the Power FUE technique, can apply it to the same patien for two consecutive days to place a total of 2,000 to 3,000 hair follicles depending on the donor area density.



Donor Site appearance after 3 and 15 days


  • Recommended when donor area has no elasticity
  • In patients who wish to have mini-sessions
  • It is a completely painless process. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia
  • Gets a natural result, while the healing time is shorter
  • Ideal technique for those who want to shave their hair
  • Ideal technique for create the frontal line
  • Ideal technique for the alopecia to the eyebrows
  • Ideal technique for hair thinning in the genial area (mustache and beard)
  • Ideal technique for the alopecia in the perinatal area of women (bikini)


Throughout the process, Dr. Valvis carries special magnifying lenses to extract and place the hair follicles with the highest precision, creating a perfect natural result.

Power FUE technique is a time-consuming method and requires longer sessions lasting from 5 to 8 hours. Up to 1500 hair follicles (about 1000 - 1300 hairs) can be placed in each session.

To apply the Power FUE technique, the head should be shaved, to allow Dr. Valvis to remove the hair follicles one by one, separate them and then replace them one by one.

Dr Valvis selects and isolates the hair follicles he wants to carry. This is the direct extraction of hair follicles one by one with the help of a very fine circular punch, 0.7 to 1 mm in diameter, from the donor area of the scalp.

Dr. Valvis's , using a special microscope, opens micropores with a diameter of 1 mm. Hair follicles are placed one by one in each micropore so deep that they are allowed to fit harmoniously with the skin and begin to feed normally.

You must be aware that Power FUE technique always has up to 30% to 40% loss of hair follicles. This is due to the stress on the hair follicles when they are extracted, as well as το the lack of a protective fat cover.




Advantages - Disadvantages of the FUE Technique





There is no linear scar. Important for those who have area their hair rised


It requires total shaving of the donor area

Reduce healing time in the donor area


Longer Operative Time (5 to 8 hours)

It is useful for people who are at greater risk of scarring in the donor area


Smaller number of hairs in a similar number of hair follicles (1000 Power FUE hair follicles = 700-1200 hairs, respectively 1000 hair follicles Mini & Micro Strip = 4000-5000 hairs)

Ideal to restoring skin scars in the donor area that can not be removed


It is advisable to apply it to curly, white and very thin hair (receiving a very small number of healthy hair follicles with a very ugly effect on density)

There is no post-operative pain in the donor area


Poor quality and fraudulent hair follicles hair without a protective fat cover. Hair follicles are more fragile and more easily traumatized during their placement.

Provides an alternative when the donor area does not have sufficient elasticity to apply the FUT technique


Requires multiple sessions to scale in just one single Mini & Micro Strip session

Allows to receive finer hair from the neck area that is ideal for creating a new frontal line or for eyebrow transplantation


Hundreds of circular scars of 1-1.5 mm as a chicken sting in the donor area, causing great difficulty in subsequent sessions

    On a perfectly shaven head and especially when the hair color is dark and the skin color white the circular scars create an unsightly






Power FUE Technique: Hundreds of circular scars of 1-1.5 mm as a chicken sting in the donor




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