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Eyebrow enhancement products, such as mascara, will do nothing to a woman whose eyebrow hair is too thin or short to keep the makeup.

Eyebrow transplant surgery provides a permanent solution.

Applies to patients who have lost eyebrows after trauma, or chemotherapy. Other women destroy their eyebrows with frequent waxing. Hair thinning in the eyebrows may also be due to a natural aging process or it may be so from birth.

Eyebrow transplantation is similar to hair transplant surgery.




The hair follicles are obtained by the FUE or FUT technique from the donor area with local anesthesia and implanted in the eyebrow. The micrographs are microscopically removed to ensure complete survival.

Most patients are able to return to normal activities even the next day.
The final result is observed in 4-5 months because initially the transplanted hair follicles undergo a period of "rest".

Of course, these hairs require care and haircuts at least once a month because they are prolonged due to the fact that they come from the scalp.

Hair transplantation in eyelashes is technically feasible but causes conjunctival irritation and thus avoided.










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