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Hair loss

Female androgenetic alopecia has many different types and is a big problem that most doctors can not imagine.

Coefficients of androgenetic alopecia in women is physical heredity and hormonal environment . It is not necessary the abnormal hormone levels to express the inheritance . The patterns of inheritance evolve over time . This can happen in a long time, so that can be observed at an early age but can occur as a woman reaches maturity.

The androgenetic alopecia in women occurs in ~ 25% of women in middle age (35-40 years) .

At the age of 50 to 60 years , with the onset of menopause , androgenetic alopecia increases nearly 60 % of women.

The most common type of hair loss in women as described by Ludwig Scale is spread on top of the head , but by maintaining a frontal edge with normal hair density.

In the first stage, the hair thinning may be evident only when parting the hair ( stage I) .

Hair with the passage of time still thin at the top, the front edge but well maintained in formula II (stage II) .


In the third stage, the hair on top can have almost or completely dropped, but only a small percentage of women will develop male pattern baldness androgenetic alopecia when present .


Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is psychologically destructive and socially unacceptable . Our society does not treat a woman who begins to lose her hair the same way that treat a man. A man who does baldness is socially acceptable , although this number need to cause great resentment. But one woman in this situation has no accepted role in society. We always do something to change the artificial appearance to the face normal. Unfortunately, the concerns of women for this condition are often not taken seriously by their husbands and their doctors.

Initially, she changed her hairstyle in order to maximize coverage. For women who have long hair may need to close and cut the comb very inflatables for greater coverage. When it is no longer possible to disguise the dilution with the hairstyle are beginning to tackle the problem of whether to buy or hairpieces wig and this causes change to lifestyle . Usually at this stage does not want to deal with watersports because when wet hair all power masking any tricks combing lost , and often avoid these types of activities .


Characteristics of Female Androgenetic Alopecia

Normally, when you look closely at the scalp , you will see the hair to grow in small groups of three , four and five hairs called follicular units . These hairs tend to grow in such small groups. In the early stages of hereditary androgenetic alopecia see a drop in these follicular units from a normal density of three to six hairs in one or two.

In females the anterior physical limits thinning hair growth but does not disappear. This transparent look is the main source of concern for women.


The Hair Transplant in Women

The initial use of grafts include 1-4 follicular units has created a highly effective natural solution for the millions of women with female pattern hair loss .

The goal of hair transplantation in women is not the creation of new front boundary natural hair growth , but putting hundreds of hair grafts containing 1-4 follicular units behind the anterior limit natural hair growth to re-establish consistency. Most transplanted grafts placed in a zone 0.5 to 1.5 inches behind the anterior border of hair growth to maximize the density and minimize the risk of postoperative loss.

Increased density in the anterior border of body hair gives women the freedom to comb their hair as they want.

The dense placement of follicular units also restores the natural anterior border of hair growth in women with significant loss of temporal limit hair growth after rhytidectomy ( facelift ) or endoscopic surgery on the front, allowing them to pull their hair behind their ears




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